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All Occasions Giftware respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it at all times. This Privacy Statement explains how we collect, use, and safeguard information collected on this Web site.

1) This store collects non-identifiable or statistical information through cookies for the purpose to improve the content of our Web site.

2) Any information you directly give to All Occasions Giftware by email or telephone, i.e. visitorís email address, postal mailing and ship to address, telephone numbers, credit card information any other personal information supplied are protected under the Privacy Act.  The information will only be used for the specific purposes for which it has been provided (e.g. to respond to a specific request or to fulfill orders).  We will never sell, rent, barter or share your personal details in any way with any other company. All data collected is for our internal use only.

3) We hate spam as much as you do. Actually, we hate it more since we get something like 1000-odd junk e-mails each day. So, we will NEVER send you any unsolicited e-mail. If you choose to subscribe to our free newsletter, you will receive your newsletter once every week. Clear unsubscribe details are always shown on the newsletter.

4) If you choose not to receive our free weekly newsletter, we will contact you to answer your queries and/or send you your order confirmation.

5) We may from time to time, send you pertinent information on special offers, giveaways or special discounts should you choose to subscribe to it. In any case, you will receive no more than one (1) of such e-mail every month.

6) This site does use cookies. However, we do not keep any of your personal details on cookies. We simply store your Customer ID (just a number) in cookie format. This Customer ID does not correlate to any of your personal information. We also store your first name on cookie format to personalise this website. This cookie is only present if you have not registered as a member of our site. If you are a member, then the only cookie that we use is the Customer ID cookie.

7) We may from time to time post up surveys to measure your response to certain new additions to the website. As a rule, you are never forced to fill in these surveys. Furthermore, should you choose to fill in the surveys, you can choose to remain anonymous.

8) All Occasions Giftware will from time to time run sweepstakes on our website. Any information entered through these sweepstakes also complies with this privacy policy. We will never ever share your personal details with another company.

9) Upon request we offer visitors the ability to have inaccuracies corrected in contact information, transaction information, communications that the consumer/visitor has directed to the site.  Consumers can have this information corrected by sending us e-mail at the above address, calling us at the above telephone number.

If you feel that this site is not following its stated information policy, you may contact us at the above address or phone number. 

Last Updated:  January 2013


For more information about Privacy Act.

Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
112 Kent Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 1H3

1-800-282-1376 or visit